You are part of a semi-reputable, below the boards inquisitive agency working outside the Houses of the Eberron metropolis Sharn. For some reason you were drawn to the Sharn Inquisitive Agency, either by friendship, shared interests, or some other purpose.

Maybe before this you were a soldier in the War, a spy, a refugee but somehow you were touched by War as all residents of Khorvaire were.

Your current investigation is to discover the identity of a mysterious young girl who is somehow connected to House Cannith. You’ve been commissioned on this investigation by House Tharask, who don’t want to alleviate already high tension between them and Cannith. What they want to do with the information is probably nefarious, but hey, their gold is good, so who cares?

The girl has eluded you. The most information you’ve been able to gather is that she originates from Cyre, the Mournland, and that she is much older than she appears. How she was able to survive the Mourning, and live within the toxic grey mist that surrounds the area is still a mystery. What you do know is that she was interested in obtaining a unique dragonshard known as a soulshard. Before she could obtain it, you were able to secure it for yourselves by betraying and killing it’s previous owner, a white dragon who opposed The Chamber, a group of dragons interested in subverting the prophecy to their own intersts.

The High Tower

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