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If anyone has any ideas about how we can write this page to further the Role Play and bring people into the story while we’re away from the table, I’m all up for it. First thing would be, how do we organize the page; what sections should it be divided into?

- Items we have left behind at the Davey’s Hammer Inn
Powerful Dragonshard
Crocodile head
Gorillion Arms
Davey’s Hammer
2x +1 Daggers
Assassins Outfit
Scrap Mithral (500gp)
Bloodthread Cloth Armor +2 (5,000gp)
Paperwork that allows us to enter upper city

Items we have with us
5 potions of healing
Shadow Realm Coins (400gp)
4x Black Opals (400gp each)
5x Citrine Gems (500gp each)
Spinning Lantern
Sack Cloth
Pigs Knuckles
+3 Terror Axe (21,000gp)
2x Rubies (1,000gp each)
Jeweled Cameo of the Queen (7,500gp)
Twisted Stone (Looks like a mobius strip)
Fancy Shoe (200gp)
Luck Binders Gloves (45,000gp)
Badge of Silk (I have no Idea what this is)
Additional gp- 7,800

_Looking only at the loot we have with us _
If we are able to sell our non-item treasure we have a total of
22,000gp——- divided by 3 = 7,333
I am not sure why the items have not been claimed, but if we sell those as well we have an additional (I did not include the potions as I assume we would keep these)
33,000gp——- divided by 3 = 11,000

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